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FeetHere™ is a marketplace which makes it  simple for app developers and local businesses to work together. It allows them both to monetize mobile users and the foot traffic they create. Businesses pay for the foot traffic they desire and app developers make money from the 100’s of millions of users who will never buy in-app items. Everyone gets what they want: mobile users get free content, app developers get revenue from users who don’t buy, and local businesses get all of the foot traffic they can handle.

Local Businesses

Local businesses pay a lot for eyeballs and clicks when what they really need are feet in their door.

Mobile Apps

Mobile app developers are wanting users to buy in-app items, but only about 5% actually buy.


Add all of your locations and as many campaigns as you would like in an easy to use dashboard. We track all of your foot traffic in real-time and provide analytics about how your campaigns are performing.


Mobile users are on the go. We make it simple for local businesses and mobile developers to work together to motivate those mobile users to move their feet to the businesses that want them there.

App Developers

Simple integration using our SDK and only a few lines of code or integrate more fully with our API. Our real-time dashboards provide analytics about how your apps are doing in different categories and locations.

To learn more and get a full demonstration of our platform please contact us.

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FeetHere LLC

FeetHere LLC

Our Team

FeetHere™ was founded by a team which has been working together on location based mobile products for over 15 years. Their experience comes from years of building mobile augmented reality systems, mobile apps, games and SAAS systems for private and public customers.

FeetHere LLC